Here at Rise Chiropractic you will notice that we are not your average Chiropractors. We provide a service that goes above and beyond to help you achieve what you want out of your life and health.

Are you moving away from something? Great!

How about moving towards great things?

There is more to Rise than pain relief, increased flexibility, increased mobility, and improved digestion and breathing. Although these are great!

How about all the things you can do with having a body that works great? More fun, more family time, achieving goals, living your life the way YOU want. Living your limitless potential.

So, how are we different at Rise?



When you choose us as your Sunshine Coast Chiropractor, the real power of our care is in the process.

With all the information out there it’s hard to know what is valuable and what is not.

You are not in this process on your own. We will be there at your side helping you achieve the great results you want.

We do this through a simple process.

Our 3 Step process at Rise Chiropractic allows us to understand the information on your current level of health and where you would like to move toward.

From there, together we can make informed decisions about how we are going to optimise your health.

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From here, we will able to get started on helping you reach your Limitless Potential.



Step 1:

Our process always begins with a consultation.

This is your opportunity to meet with one of the Rise Chiropractors to see how we can help and if we are the right fit for you.

We take a comprehensive health history to understand how your experiences and stressors have influenced your life and health up to this point. This is where we find out what’s working well for you and what areas are difficult and challenging.

This information allows us to prepare a specific and unique plan for you.

During your consultation, we will also look to uncover YOUR goals and how you’d like to restore YOUR health back to normal.

Step 2:

The next step is the Neuro-Structural Assessment.

We specifically test to determine IF an issue with your spine and underlying nerve system is present.

IF there is an issue, it can be affecting your health in ways you know and in ways you are yet to discover.

Your Neuro-Structural health is determined through our 10 point Neuro-Structural Assessment using the latest technology to measure your current state of health.

It is crucial for your Chiropractor to know where you are starting from before making any recommendations and to layer in any care.

From here, your Chiropractor has some work to do…

After your assessment is complete, your Chiropractor will take some time to analyse the data and prepare the results.

Step 3:

After your results have been interpreted and prepared for you, we invite you back to Rise Chiropractic for a detailed report of findings.

Your report will ensure you have a clear understanding of your current level of Neuro-Structural health and what all of the tests mean in regard to how your body is functioning.

All of this is done to ensure that you can make an informed decision about your health.

If we do find that there is an issue with your spine and nervous system during your Neuro-Structural Assessment we will give our best recommendations based on your results AND on your goals.

Recommendations include Chiropractic care as well as home care and lifestyle support.

READY TO reach your limitless potential?

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