How do you start your day?

For most people, it’s hitting the snooze button 2- 23 times, then rolling out of bed and starting your day. That doesn’t set you up for success…

If you want the most out of your day, you need to be doing the things that will push you in the right direction.

Many experts suggest having a specific, repetitive morning routine will help you maximise your day and assist you in reaching your goals.

Morning routine

Morning routines vary from person to person, therefore giving you freedom to sculpt it to accommodate your individual desires and needs.

Usually what we find is that each routine has set categories that are covered:

  1. Mental state (Rise and Shine Protocol)
  2. Intellectual state
  3. Diet
  4. Movement

Each category is as vital as the others, so it is important to incorporate them into your routine or day.

What we find that works well with us and our clients for helping people become more productive, be in a better mood and reach their goals faster, is our ‘Rise and Shine Protocol’.


The Rise and Shine Protocol (modified from the work of Patrick Gentempo) is a useful and a great way to bring focus and clarity into your day.

Morning Routine

Rise and Shine Protocol

Go over your purpose statement.

A great purpose statement allows us to be clear and on track. It encompasses our values and our passions. It gets us fired up to start the day with a clear mind. It is the answer to why you get up each morning to live your life.

Go over your affirmations.

Studies have shown that optimistic people have healthier hearts and positive affirmations help you to stay optimistic! Affirmations are individually structured statements to affirm specific behaviours and states that you would like to continue or strengthen. As you continue this practice, others take note and you begin to help those around you without even trying. This in turn, helps keep you focused.

Go over your schedule.

Do you know what you are doing today, or are you going about your day off the cuff of your pants? Ensuring you’re clear on what you are doing when, will ensure you spend less time and energy in your mind guessing what is next in your day.

Go over your short and long term goals.

Do you know where you are going in your life? Ensure you are writing down your short and long term goals, so that you are not only reminding yourself, but you are more likely to reach them compared to someone who doesn’t.

Go over what you are grateful for.

When we truly look at the intricacies of our life, we can find that there are many things to be grateful for. We can begin to train ourselves to be grateful for anything from good health, friends and interactions, to coffee, music and fresh air – even being grateful for our legs or arms! Imagine what you could do in a day and what opportunities would come to you, if you were in a state of gratefulness. Start training your neurology to become grateful just by writing 3-5 things you are grateful for today. Heck, if you have 20 things right them down! Start to appreciate the little things and the state will follow.

Some of the above steps require focus and planning to put into motion. For example, our Purpose Statements, Goals and Schedule take prior consideration and time to create. The Positive Affirmations and Gratitude can challenge some people because it is outside of their current behaviour. However, by spending some planning time before you initiate this protocol, you can truly maximise the positive effects the protocol can have! Furthermore, the Rise and Shine Protocol is designed to be a work-in-progress, so that as you change and grow – so will your steps.

By completing all of the above steps, you will notice huge benefits to your day and positive changes to your neurology!

Let’s start having more efficient, happier and awesome days.

Remember… you have infinite potential.

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Modified from the work of Patrick Gentempo.