The old proverb “It is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back” describes how seemingly small or minor actions can accumulate to cause an unpredictably huge or sudden reaction.

For example – the constant falls, head knocks, heavy school bags, odd sleeping position at night, grazed knee or surfing accidents we have as children.

If left unattended, these ‘small’ events can accumulate over time. Your body compensates and eventually becomes compromised by the effects of these events.


Fast forward to adulthood. Now you’re happily going about your day without a care in the world and suddenly you bend over to pick up your pen…

BAM. Your back goes out.

You get up off the couch in a weird way…

BAM. Hip pain.

You reach overhead to collect something…

BAM. Headaches.

Even though it wasn’t the first time you’d done these activities (picking up pen, getting off couch etc), it was the last event in a long series that tipped you over the edge.

It was the last straw on your back, after collecting straws since you were an infant.

Straws you may not have realised were there, because your smart body doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable.

So – start removing those straws before they even become an issue and get your little ones checked!

Goodbye straws.
Goodbye stress.
Goodbye body having to compensate.
Goodbye ‘broken back’

This is why your back is so great.
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