90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.

– Dr. Roger Sperry

Considering the highway of information that travels through your spine from your brain to your body (ie. The nervous system) – it’s extremely important to care for.

Our spines are definitely worth love and attention. They protect us, keep us stable and help us to move. Our spines change, develop curves and modify as we grow and transition through infancy, childhood and adulthood. They house our incredible nervous system AND nutrition rich fluid. All other bones stem from the spine.

In summary: they are totally rad!

They thrive off movement and love.
So here are a few fun ideas to care for your spine today:

1. Get your spine and nervous system checked by your chiro.
2. Go for a walk and move your spine.
3. Spend some time laying on a Posture Pole.
4. Do the worm.
5. Eat something nutritious and delicious.

Get the kids involved and join together to do the following:

1. Play ‘the floor is lava’.
2. Balance balloons on your heads.
3. Try to walk around like different types of animals (eg. Kangaroo, snake, elephant, frog, cat etc).
4. Create a home-made obstacle course.

Have fun with it and get creative!

Remember – you only get one spine. So look after it.