We don’t want you to reach your goals…We actually do but this will make sense on step 5.

The new year is here and unfortunately the vast majority of people who have set new year goals and resolutions will soon give up on them…

That is not good for anyone.

Not good for moving your life forward, not good for those around you to reap the side effects of your amazing new life and not good for the world because you are amazing.

This post will be all about making goals and achieving them. Both Caroline and myself have been using this method for the past few years now and it has been amazing. This isn’t just for New Year’s goals, it is for any goals you want to achieve.

We have 7 steps… actually they aren’t really steps but they are actions you must take if you want the best chance of reaching your goals. These have been adapted from “None of your Business” by Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book.

[1] Start with the end in mind.

Too many people make goals with no specific outcome attached to it and in turn, they don’t reach it. When you are driving to a place that you have never been to before, you don’t just start driving…You set your GPS to know where you are going.

Goals are the same.

You need to set your destination and really figure out WHY you want to go there. Once you figure out the why, you can figure out the rest and flush it out. What does it look, feel and taste like? Etc, etc.

Start with this for all your goals and make sure they fall under the 6 P’s of goal setting.

[2] The 6 P’s of goal setting.

This will be the foundation of all your goals and should be broken down to help you reach your end destination. The first step here is to write your goals in each area.

  • Purpose- Relate to your “life purpose, what you want to bring to the world and what you stand for”.
  • Personal- Things like losing weight, personal development and health.
  • Professional- Around work, career and business.
  • People- Around all your relationships, (new, old, those that you haven’t met yet and self) not just your partner.
  • Prosperity- All about money.
  • Play- All of the fun stuff! Anything that you want to do to enjoy yourself.

[3] How to layout your goals.

Now that you have goals written down in each category, we need to expand on them. Here are the elements you must add in.

  • Write your goals in the affirmative- Write your goals like “I make $100,000” instead of “I will/want to make $100,000”. This will give your goals authority in your mind.
  • When you will reach your goal- Make sure you write down when you are going to achieve them.
  • Write down every reason why you will not achieve your goal- This is super important if you want to ensure that you reach your goal. This helps you see all of the roadblocks coming your way and then you can plan to get around them once they appear. This was a game changer for me.
  • Write down every reason why you must reach your goal- Just as important as the last step. You need to write down all the reasons why you must reach it and they should be more powerful than all the reasons why you wont reach your goal.

The next steps are a part of the layout but are more action and future based steps.

[4] Get close to your goals.

Once you know your goals you now should try to get around them as much as you can. Experience as much as that goal as you possibly can before you reach it. This will continue to encourage you to get that goal and continue to fire your reticular activating system which allows you to take notice of it more.

This also can show you if you really want that goal. Imagine if you wanted a certain type of car but never test drove it and then once you reached your goal of getting that car YOU HATED IT. All that work for something that you didn’t actually want in the end.

What a bummer.

[5] Keep moving the goal posts.

This is what we mean by “We don’t want you to reach your goals”.

The key thing is that you must often be checking in with your goals, not just when the time you set is up. Once you notice that you are approaching your goal, move the goal out further.

A common thing for people when they are approaching their goal is to slow down. Why ruin that momentum when you can achieve SO MUCH MORE. In a perfect goal setting world, you will never achieve your goals until you reach the destination (which will be time to set a new destination).

[6] Share your goal with someone.

As Shawn and Lacey say in None of your Business,

“This is one of the most intimidating steps for our clients. Who wants to share their goals? What if they fail?

That’s exactly the point.”

None of your Business, page 46.

The point of this is for accountability. Now that someone knows, the feeling of not letting that someone down may be that thing that can carry you over the line OR they can support and help you when any roadblocks arise.

[7] Reward yourself.

This is vital. For years I was very blasé about goals. If I didn’t get them I didn’t care and if I did I also didn’t really care. The reward is all about programming your neurology for success. You must do it. If you don’t, you are telling your brain that you are not worth it and goals are worth chasing. Make sure the reward matches the goals, it doesn’t really make sense to reward yourself by buying a trip to Italy, for giving up coffee for one month (unless it is that hard for you).

Now I know I said I don’t want you hitting your goal but when you do hit that initial goal (before you moved the goal posts), that’s when you reward yourself. Rinse and repeat.

For those who are new to rewarding yourself, this may be hard. A lot of us have been programmed from a young age that we do not deserve some things. This feeling will hit you, you will feel uncomfortable, but you will grow!

A few steps, a bit of work but some huge changes you will experience. Remember if you slip a bit that’s okay. You have the destination, you might just be taking a different route.

Heres to your infinite potential,